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Dark Star Cloud is the only cloud computing solution specifically designed for enterprise class applications. Dark Star Cloud is built on proven robust technology with thousands of customers who cannot tolerate failure or performance limits. Dark Star Cloud also has innovative new technology that drives efficiency, and profits, back into large-scale application development and deployment projects.

For certain departmental and Web 2.0 applications, solutions based on Windows or Linux are fine, but if the application is big, complex or mission critical and you want advantages of enterprise class cloud computing, Dark Star Cloud is the only option. Unique to Dark Star Cloud is the technology to additionally drive 3-10% of a company’s revenue to its bottom line by driving out cost.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dark Star Cloud is an Honest Broker - can you say that? Are you working with one?

In one of his most recent blog posts, creative thinker and best selling author Seth Godin, writes:

The honest broker

It really is a choice, one or the other.
Either you happily recommend the best option for your customer, or you give preference to your own items first.
Either you believe in what you sell, or you don't.
Either you treat your best partners better, or you treat everyone the same.
Either you shade the truth when it's painful to do otherwise, or you consistently share what's important.
Either you always keep your promises or you don't.
Either you give me the best price the first time, or you make me jump through hoops to get there.
Earning the position of the honest broker is time-consuming and expensive. Losing it takes just a moment.
Google cloud computing and you get 304,000,000 hits.  It's all the rage, everyone is putting it on the label of what they do.  Mostly, they are putting "lipstick on a pig".  They are repackaging what they have offered and are putting nice new labels on it, but they haven't developed a solution to significantly move you forward.  Mostly what this does is create a lot of confusion, strain the ability of standards, comparisons, or validations, and doesn't help you as you work to become more efficient while protecting the security of your data.

Enter Dark Star Cloud.  We are the honest broker.  Proven technology, check. Improving efficiency, check. Security, check.  

What does Dark Star Cloud do?  We're about yield.  Where?  Throughout your entire process stream and to everyone involved - partners, customers, producers, suppliers, etc..  We provide massive disintermediation and significant improvement of resource utilization while eliminating unnecessary steps, costs, delays.  

Make sure you are working with an honest broker so you will know your solution will be successful.  Make sure you work with Dark Star Cloud.

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