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Monday, December 5, 2011

SAP purchases cloud provider SuccessFactors for $3.4B

After making the acquisition SAP increased their 2015 revenue target by over 1 billion euros.
What do you think could be realized by bringing the estimated 70% of mission-critical data and transactions that currently run mainframe into the cloud?
*From Reuters - JPMorgan Chase & Co is arranging the 1-billion-euro ($1.34 billion) loan that SAP AG is taking on to help pay for its $3.4 billion takeover of SuccessFactors, SAP co-Chief Executive Bill McDermott told Reuters.
"The 1 billion will probably be paid down within about a year. That's how we usually like to do it," McDermott said in an interview on Sunday, a day after announcing the takeover.  

The deal, in which SAP is paying a premium of 52 percent over Friday's closing price of SuccessFactors shares, is a major push into cloud-computing services for the German business software company.  
McDermott also said the deal could help the company beat its 2015 revenues target of 20 billion euros by as much as 1 billion.  "We had cloud figured out in our 20 billion.  We are now upping that 20 billion. It could easily go to 21 billion," he said.

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